Foundation for Children in Need in Kyrgyzstan
Foundation for Children in Need in Kyrgyzstan
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Since 2006 my project could do a lot for the children of Bishkek. But one-time attentions are insufficient to secure the children’s future.

The work of the employees needs to be paid, school uniforms have to be renewed, new teaching materials have to be bought and the daily supply with food, energy, clothing and medical attention has to be secured.

Therefore, I have taken over the monthly salaries for two full-time employees at the children’s home and I deliver regularly collected goods of any kind to the children. All forms of donations are welcome. If you want to contribute, just contact me.

My project also supports local medical centers and the university in Bishkek. You can help all of them by contributing with both, financial and non-cash-benefits.

Currently we are looking for especially for:

Just contact me, Eberhard Bräun, if you wish to contribute.