Foundation for Children in Need in Kyrgyzstan
Foundation for Children in Need in Kyrgyzstan
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Article in the Bishkek News, September 28, 2008
Bishkek News, Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Guardian Angel

In the last two years, Dr. Bräun has been a real guardian angel to our orphanage.

By chance he was introduced to Niklas Wagner, a volunteer for a German organization, who did his community service at the rehabilitation center for street children. He explained to Mr. Bräun that his children need help, and Bräun came to the orphanage to see it with his own eyes. Since then, he only could think of what could be done to ensure that these children without family can have a better life.

My son Patrick is 5 years old - says Dr. Bräun. - And when I saw the eyes of your children, it made me ill. I thought about why some children have a happy childhood and other children have to live in an orphanage? It's unfair. At that time, I worked for over two years in Kyrgyzstan, and after I returned home, I addressed newspapers, I published pictures of the children from the orphanage, I told what they need. Other people supported my cause. I managed to collect money. I asked the wife of a foreign investor – Mary Rausch– to manage these funds.

According to the Director of the Centre, Aleksei Petruschevskij, the German friends take the word "help" very seriously. They don’t make things up, "says Aleksei Petruschevskij. With ambition and understanding, they help to solve problems. In the previous autumn, they sent the merchants of DORDI-market with goods to us. The children could choose the things they liked best: boots and jackets, even after midnight! Such a measure has never been taken before. For already two years, he pays the salary for our experienced teacher. With the money from Germany, we bought linoleum, dishes, and new windows. In the bedrooms now hang beautiful new curtains.


Are you not touched, if small children risk to get hit by cars on the streets just to beg a few SOM? If you would knew how many children get hurt in their street business, you would be unlikely to give alms. We encourage them to continue, if we support such a false charity and as a consequence, young children might suffer agony even an adult could not withstand. Beaten and often malnourished they remain helpless if there is not a good hearted person who is willing to give a helping hand and to set an end to the suffering. I was lucky meeting one of these people in the orphanage for street children in Bishkek. The German citizen Dr. h.c. Eberhard who came back to us with good news:

It is now to decide whether to do it here or in Germany (Note: The operation of the orphan Ruslan, for his leg surgery after an accident while begging). For the journey to Germany there are many papers required, they should be prepared by staff of the orphanage. It takes time, but abroad there is the necessary equipment for the operation.