Foundation for Children in Need in Kyrgyzstan
Foundation for Children in Need in Kyrgyzstan
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The Children's Home in Bischkek - Gallery

A few impressions from the children’s home in Bishkek. The financial and personnel support of the children is one of the main activities. Out of respect for the children living there, we have largely refrained from showing detailed pictures of persons.

The children`s home in Bishkek after the modernization. A comprehensive renovation of the entire building was necessary. All rooms of the house were affected ... ... so was the court ... ... and the bathroom. The new batchroom after modernization... ... the classroom ... ... the new kindergarten ... ... the bedrooms ... ... and the court now gives more than 70 children a new home and the prospect of a better future.

Since 2001, when I visited Kyrgyzstan for the first time, I felt the need to do my part of improving the living conditions there. Since 2006 and with considerable support from European volunteers and donators my project can constantly support the children’s home of Bishkek. The goal is to provide children who have been abandoned by their own parents, were expelled or abused with the opportunity to have part of a normal daily life and a better future.

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